Q. What is the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?

A. Bookkeeping is the day to day financial functions that need to be done for your business. Your bookkeeper is responsible for recording transactions like revenue, expenses and payroll. They will do things like balance your bank accounts and maintain your general ledger. Accounting looks at the bigger picture. You accountant will prepare financial statements, file your taxes and help you to analyze costs.


Q. Where do you do our bookkeeping?

A. My place or yours. You pick.


Q. How will we get our documents to you?

A. We will pick them up at your office or home. If you like we can meet for coffee and we can exchange documents then. We don’t want you to be stress out about getting your documents to us, so we will pick them up and drop them off at no extra charge.


Q. What are your terms and what forms of payment do you accept?

A. We bill on the first of every month for work done in the previous month. Payment is due by the 15th. We accept cash, cheques, and e-transfers.


Q. Do you charge GST?

A. We do. The tax man has to get his cut. Our GST number is on all of our invoices.